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Friday, November 04, 2005
Off plan property specialist shares its 'logic' in free workshops

31 October 2005

Off plan property investment specialist Urban Logic has announced dates for a series of free workshops to take place at the Crowne Plaza in Leeds following on from a recent successful run in Manchester. The workshops aim to demystify the market and encourage potential investors to consider all options.

The 90 minute workshops, to take place from the 21st to 30th November, will be led by a professional from the Urban Logic team who is experienced in off plan buying and who has a good knowledge of the UK property market and is able to offer tips and general advice.

Since its inception in November 2003, Urban Logic has differentiated itself from the competition by calling for industry regulation and warning of the pitfalls of supposed 'get rich quick' schemes. By providing free workshops the company hopes to distinguish itself further from other off plan property consultants who charge large sums of money for market intelligence and investment advice.

Managing director of Urban Logic, Andrew Lazare explains: "We offer an extremely transparent service which lays out, from the off-set, a breakdown of all costs so there is no confusion and our investors can reach straight through to the bottom-line that has been openly forecast. Some other companies choose to operate with smoke and mirrors, keeping the investors at arms length whilst not necessarily sourcing the best opportunities or delivering the greatest possibilities in relation to return on investment.

"Our existing clients have direct and regular contact with us and know that we will fully evaluate each situation and advise them as to what are their best interests, from our indepth understanding of the market and for no extra cost. We are now extending that offer and building relationships with people who are considering off plan property investment outside of our database, who don't necessarily know where to start.

"The days of 'get rich quick' are over but there are still a lot of unscrupulous third parties out there who are more than happy to make a quick buck on the back of other peoples' dreams. We'd like to prepare first-time investors so that they can make more of an educated decision about investing in the property market and to give them a clear idea of the pros and cons. Our Manchester audiences really appreciated the openness of the workshops and our relaxed approach and so we're hoping to have a similarly positive response in Leeds."

Urban Logic has developed exclusive relationships with a number of the UK's leading housebuilders, enabling it to offer its clients discounts of up to 20 per cent on a range of residential properties at prime sites across the north of England and Scotland. Since its launch, it has attracted a large amount of business interest culminating in the sale of 15 per cent of the company to AIM-listed property expert, Nadlan plc.

Registration for the seminars at the Crowne Plaza on Wellington Street will be at 6pm with start time at 6.30pm until 8.00pm. For further information call Urban Logic on 0161 236 0123 or visit http://www.urban-logic.co.uk

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