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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


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21st December 2005
Following its proposals for a new working model for the Thames, and as a result of the subsequent 30-day consultation period, Adsteam and the Transport & General Workers Union is pleased to announce that a national agreement has been reached on these changes, which will be implemented on 5th January 2006.

According to its original proposals, the company sought a reduction in crew numbers on the Thames and the introduction of a ‘week on, week off’ system of working in order to achieve conformity with other UK ports.

Under the terms of the agreement, an additional six employees will man a spare tug based at Gravesend, which will be deployed across both the Thames and the Medway. This arrangement will be subject to review at the beginning of May 2006, when its commercial viability will be assessed by senior management and presented to the National Organiser of the T&G’s Transport Sector and members of Adsteam’s Shop Stewards’ Committee. 

Commenting on the agreement, Chief Executive Europe, Stephen Eastwood said: “The company has welcomed the involvement of the TGWU at national level and is pleased with the outcome of our consultation. The new agreement will come into force within the timeframe originally proposed and will allow the company to move forward, securing the future of both the Thames and all other UK operations.”

All other proposals put forward by the company are accepted as part of the new deal, including operational flexibility between the Thames and Medway tugs. The Sheerness- based operation being responsible for work on the lower Thames, utilising the new 70 tbp tugs and ASD fleet.

Graham Stevenson, T&G National Organiser, added: “The context of this agreement for the union all along was our desire to avoid compulsory redundancies, at the same time as working with the company to deliver on its clear long-term commitment to maintaining its role as the significant towage operator on the Thames. I am pleased that the discussions we have held have been both constructive and productive. The T&G pledges its support for a business plan that both maximises jobs and secures the company’s viability on the whole river in the coming period. The tenor and outcome of our talks bodes well for the future, for the company, its employees and all customers - who should see this outcome as a positive sign of a re-affirmation of good working relations between Adsteam and the T&G.”

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