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Friday, February 03, 2006

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3 February 2006

Azzurri launches Classroom Manager in line with the Government’s action on Improving Behaviour in Schools
UK: Education specialist, Azzurri Communications, today launches its unique Classroom Manager product, a piece of web based software that enables teachers to have control of what every pupil has access to on their classroom computers.

In line with the Government’s action on Improving Behaviour in Schools, Classroom Manager gives teachers the power to control ICT access across the classroom, ensuring that ICT does not have a detrimental effect on education.

“Classroom Manager helps our teachers to control what pupils can and cannot see when they are using computers. When using this application, teachers can be sure that children aren’t surfing the Internet and logging into chat rooms while their back is turned,” comments Alan Greensitt of St John’s RC Comprehensive School at Bishop Auckland. “Classroom Manager has certainly complemented the way our ICT lessons are delivered.”

The solution gives teachers complete management of classroom access to the Internet. Teachers can control which web sites the student have access to so that the students are focused on the solely on the lesson topic.  The system is very simple to use and allows a library of Internet based resources to be amassed and presented to students whilst preventing them from wasting time on unrelated Internet browsing.

“ICT is an extremely powerful tool that promotes effective learning, but we need to be aware of both the benefits and risks and ensure that it isn’t having a detrimental affect on learning. With Classroom Manager teachers have access to a practical and useable solution that enables them to regain control of the classroom,” comments Gerard Toplass, managing director, Azzurri Education.

Classroom Manager enables teachers to set the environment for children to learn in, giving teachers the ability to hand out applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel as if they were workbooks. The dynamic menu allows the teacher to make applications available as and when they require the class to use them, allowing them to focus on the task in hand.

“With Classroom Manager, time wasting and disruption have been eliminated. We now have peace of mind that ICT is being used appropriately and safely in our classrooms at all times.” concludes Greensitt.

For further information contact:
Rebecca Dean
Insight Marketing and Communications
Tel: 01625 500800
Email: rdean@insightmkt.com
Sarah Burdett
Azzurri Communications
Tel: 07976 952104
Email: sarah.burdett@azzu.co.uk
About Azzurri Communications
Azzurri Communications was formed in June 2000 with support from 3i and the Bank of Scotland and is currently made up of 15 strategic company acquisitions. Azzurri Communications is one of the largest leading voice and data resellers and managed service providers in the UK.  Annual turnover stands at £120 million. There are 750 employees nationwide. Headquartered in Newbury, Azzurri currently has sales and support operations in Fareham, London, Kingston, Birmingham, Burnley, Hull, Leeds and East Kilbride. 

Backed by leading manufacturers and networks, Azzurri provides solutions that include voice, data, consultancy, networking, digital print and mobile. Azzurri also provides education solutions plus consultancy such as in-depth communications audits for large corporations and comprehensive telecoms management services. For further information visit http://www.azzurricommunications.com



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