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Monday, March 27, 2006

North West construction companies are being advised by a leading construction specialist to seek out alternative dispute resolution to avoid lengthy court battles.

Michael Key of Manchester law firm Glaisyers is advising construction companies to be aware of the various options open to them to resolve their disputes. 

Michael comments: “It is important that the construction industry is aware of the options available to them and that they get the right advice.  Companies that find themselves unlucky enough to be involved in a dispute should be given sufficient information as to other options such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration to enable them to make an informed choice to the route they take.”

The Technology and Construction Court has seen a downturn in the cases passing through from 1778 in 1995 to 390 in 2004.  Michael says: “The pre-action protocol for construction and engineering disputes has undoubtedly had some success in keeping matters out of the courts.  Perhaps the primary reason for the decline in the pre-eminence of litigation is statutory adjudication becoming the route which parties increasingly choose to resolve their disputes.”

Michael highlights that whilst adjudication can undoubtedly be the best forum to resolve disputes, it may not be the best forum for every type of dispute.

For further information please contact:

Michael Key                                     Joanne Fletcher-Wall
Glaisyers                                       Bell Pottinger North
0161 832 4666                           01625 506425

Notes to editors

Glaisyers was established in Manchester in 1974.  It is now an eleven partner firm with offices in central Manchester and Longsight. With a staff of 86 people they are a medium sized firm small enough to retain the general practice ethos but big enough to ensure that all solicitors are specialists in their chosen fields.  The Manchester office specialises in commercial and residential property for both private individuals and commercial developers together with company commercial transactions, personal injury, road traffic act cases, litigation and financial services.  


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