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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Depression is the epidemic of this generation with one in five people affected at some stage in their life.  National Depression Week launches this week (17-23 April), and a leading debt advisor aims to spearhead a campaign to lessen the burden caused by financial misery.

Bev Budsworth of The Debt Advisor sees a direct correlation between debt and depression and aims to tackle the root causes though a new service offering lifestyle counselling and debt advice under one roof.  Last year consumer debt in the UK broke the £1,000bn mark and while more recent figures from the Bank of England show the growth in consumer credit is falling, there are still many thousands who desperately need help.

Major depression is a huge problem.  It is the number one psychological disorder in the western world.  Although depression is increasing across all age groups and in virtually every community; the rise is most prevalent amongst young people.  At the current rate of increase, it will be the second most disabling condition in the world by 2020, just behind heart disease. 

Bev comments:  “We see so many people who are crippled by the effects of debt, and in extreme cases contemplating suicide with many suffering from spending addictions.  It’s a familiar tale we hear often, but generally there are deeper routed problems, divorce or relationship failure for example which have lasting scars and need to be addressed, it’s not just a case of curbing the spending addiction.  

“There is a need for a more holistic approach to help break spending habits, people reach the end of the line and think there’s no place to go.  If you are in debt, it’s absolutely essential that you accept 100 per cent responsibility for your situation; it’s not the fault of your friends, partner, spouse or family.  No one else is to blame - only then can you move on. That’s why we linked up with a psychologist to offer lifestyle counselling with sound financial advice.  We’re still in the early stages, but tangible benefits are being reaped and debtors can see the light at the end of the tunnel. “ 

For further information please contact Joanne Fletcher-Wall or Alex Henshall at Bell Pottinger North on 01625 506444 or email:

jfletcher-wall@bellpottingernorth.co.uk <mailto:jfletcher-wall@bellpottingernorth.co.uk>
ahenshall@bellpottingernorth.co.uk <mailto:ahenshall@bellpottingernorth.co.uk>

Out of office hours please contact Bev Budsworth on: 07932 603999

Notes to editors
The Debt Advisor is licensed by the Insolvency Practitioners Association to offer skilled and specialist advice on personal debt. Formed in 1999, the Debt Advisor works closely with those in debt to find solutions, which can protect assets from creditors, freeze interest and charges to repay debt in five years or less. At its website - www.thedebtadvisor.co.uk <http://www.thedebtadvisor.co.uk/> - there is useful information including an online debt calculator to assist with budgeting.

Bev Budsworth is an insolvency practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience in dealing with debt issues. 

A regular media commentator, Bev has spoken on a wide-range of issues including divorce, self-certificated mortgages, DIY, mature debt and online gambling. She has been regularly quoted in The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Observer, Daily and Sunday Express as well as women’s magazines including Woman and Red. In the last 12 months she has offered advice on regional television news programmes and BBC local radio phone-ins.

In June 2000 she established The Debt Advisor, one of the first firms to offer comprehensive advice on all debt issues.  She had previously spent 17 years with an international firm of chartered accountants where she specialised in personal and business insolvency.

Her experience of dealing with personal debt issues led in 2005 to her being asked to join a government-led working party to look at ways of simplifying the formal procedures of helping people out of debt.

Since then she has led the way in calling for a professional personal debt/insolvency study course to be set up for all people involved in debt advice to individuals. 

She works together with a psychologist and they have developed strategies to help motivate clients to change their lifestyle.  As a busy married mother of three teenage children she understands the pressures that families face.  She believes that with a positive outlook there is always a sensible way to deal with financial difficulties and turn lives around.

Bev recently launched a campaign to bring about a greater understanding of debt and its links to depression giving debtors in the UK access to a two-pronged approach to relieve the misery caused by debt.  She is the first in the UK to offer debt advice and personal counselling under one roof.  The campaign is geared to help those who are seriously struggling with the wider effects including depression, relationship breakdown, poor work performance and associated health problems.

Sue Smith gained over a decade of experience in the medical profession as a State Registered Nurse and State Certified Midwife and specialised in obstetrics and assisted reproduction before diversifying as a health and exercise consultant, personal trainer and provider of teacher training programmes to fitness professionals.  She is a graduate of psychology, sociology and biomedical health, is a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, trained hypnotherapist and Time- Line Therapist and Reiki practitioner. 

Sue now works in the field of mentoring, coaching and personal development and is passionate about motivating and inspiring people to lead successful and rewarding lives, to reach their highest potential and overcome barriers to personal fulfilment. 

She is currently working in partnership with Motivational Systems who are leading experts in the field of social and behaviour change and whose clients range from corporate executives and sporting professionals to voluntary sector agencies working with the most severely financially disadvantaged, socially excluded and disengaged client groups.  Using cognitive behaviour techniques she inspires people to change their negative behaviours and dysfunctional cognition whilst enhancing their self-belief, self-efficacy and confidence.  By promoting emotional engagement she provokes them to challenge their limiting beliefs, assisting them in building personal awareness, inner strength and self-motivation thus cultivating improved coping skills and more effective stress management techniques.  The enhancement of internal motivation assists clients to take personal responsibility and helps them move towards financial independence and achieve a sense of purposefulness that is in alignment with their values hierarchy.


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