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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Motorcyclists account for over 90 per cent of the deaths on one of Britain’s most dangerous roads - the A537 from Macclesfield to Buxton. With another May bank holiday fast approaching, a leading catastrophic injury lawyer appeals to bikers to take care to avoid the terrible consequences their thrill seeking may have.

Motorcyclists have always run a greater risk of serious injury and this large concentration of riders only serves to heighten this risk. Stephen Maguire, partner at Donns LLP, a Manchester-based Solicitors, comments: “Having dealt with a large number of catastrophic injury cases over 15 years, we are seeing a significant increase in motorcycle accidents centred around this time of year. The trend is especially worrying as this type of accident frequently results in horrific injury or even death.

“I see many cases where men in their prime have had their lives devastated by a motorcycle accident. The real tragedy is that most of these accidents do not involve other road users and therefore the victims are left with severely debilitating injuries and no right to compensation. These people are then left with a lifelong dependency upon the NHS and their families.

“At Donns, we recognise that these type of accidents not only affect the victims but also their families. We take a wider view on all cases to help the victims realise a level of compensation that will aid their recovery and help them get their life back on track. We also support the victims’ families and help them through what can be a very harrowing process.”

May bank holidays are key dates in the motorcycling calendar with thousands of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts take to the open roads to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and the fair spring weather.

A study carried out by an AA Motoring Trust, the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP), based its analysis of accident data from 850 of Britain’s main roads. It found that although British roads are increasingly safe, a ‘mini massacre’ of motorcyclists on some rural main roads continues to weaken initiatives to improve safety.

The report highlighted one such accident blackspot, the A54 from Congleton, Cheshire to Buxton in Derbyshire as the second most dangerous road in Britain. This 24km stretch of road saw 20 fatal or serious collisions between 2001 and 2003 compared to the national average of 12.4.

The A537, a notorious stretch of road known as the ‘Cat and Fiddle run’ which links Macclesfield, Cheshire to the A54, is a popular haunt with bikers wanting to enjoy the winding, country roads. The survey highlighted that bikers account for nearly all the deaths between 2001 and 2003. 20 of the 22 fatal and serious injuries on that stretch of road involved motorcyclists - a chilling 90 per cent!

The report states that over 200 lives could be saved annually if a modest increase in safety was seen on some of these roads. It went on to suggest that Britain’s roads are increasingly safe and with continual road safety measures, Britain boasts one of the lowest risks of death or serious injury in Europe.

Statistics like this have prompted Stephen to appeal to bikers to be safe on the roads this bank holiday: “Whilst I wouldn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, I would urge all motorcyclists, to take care on the roads, especially around accident blackspots. Make sure you always ride defensively and show a heightened awareness to the road and other road users at all times. By taking these extra precautions and reducing your speed, especially on unknown or country roads, accidents can be avoided and this type of needless death and destruction eliminated.”

The report concluded that accident rates could be further reduced with the use of clean and clear road signs and markings, as well as effective drainage.


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Notes to Editors:
Donns LLP is recognised as one of the leading specialist personal injury law firms in the UK, at the forefront of personal injury litigation dealing with claims both in the UK and abroad.

They provide expert legal advice in all areas of personal injury and accident cases to ensure that they secure the maximum compensation in the shortest possible time. The firm delivers exceptional levels of client service through their highly trained and experienced legal professionals and cost effective approach.

With over 35 years experience in the personal injury marketplace they have an enviable reputation for providing quality legal services. They have attained and held both the Investors in People (IIP) standard in 1999 and the Lexcel quality mark in 2001.

Donns LLP also operates a personal injury and clinical negligence legal aid franchise, which has also been awarded the BSI Kitemark for quality.

Visit their website at www.donnslaw.co.uk <http://www.donnslaw.co.uk>


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