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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust paid special tribute to consultant anaesthetist Dr Cherry Mason for 13 years’ service as clinical director of the critical care directorate.

Presenting her with a Waterford Crystal vase, the Trust’s chief executive, Dr Chris Burke, said that her tenure as a clinical director was one of the longest the Trust had ever known. During that time her personal perseverance through difficult and challenging times had ensured that the hospital had developed into the modern, forward-thinking organisation, it is today.

Chris Burke continued: “Dr Mason has been a good advocate for anaesthetists. She has also helped us change the organisation. It has been a very challenging time through which she has maintained her colleagues’ interest and motivation at a time when they have had to implement challenging national policies.

“Under her leadership the directorate has developed a recognised strength as an excellent teaching organisation. She has also been responsible for introducing innovative theatre practises, which have been fundamental to patients’ length of stay and the operation of the short stay unit.”

Dr Mason, who lives in Disley, joined Stepping Hill hospital in 1986 at a time when there were just eight anaesthetists at the Trust. She was appointed clinical director in 1994. The critical care directorate now has 25 anaesthetists and has developed a reputation as one of the leading directorates in the region for excellence in teaching and training.

On receiving her gift Dr Mason commented: “The reason my job has been possible is because we have worked together as a team - it didn’t just happen, we have worked at it. As clinical director I am grateful that I have had the support of many talented colleagues, without whom we could not have moved forward as we have done. One of the biggest challenges has been implementing the Department of Health agenda, which has constantly moved the goalposts. However, whatever the challenges we have faced, quality has always been at the forefront of our agenda.”

Dr Mason is now looking forward to devoting herself to clinical duties. Her role as clinical director has been taken over by Dr Colin Wasson.


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