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Thursday, August 10, 2006

It’s not every day a party invitation from the Queen lands on your doormat, but for one Shropshire resident that’s exactly what happened.

Mrs Frances Savage, an ex-employee from Oswestry’s Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt orthopaedic hospital, was nominated to attend the Queen’s Royal Garden Party by the chairman of the Trust, David Sear, for her outstanding commitment and dedication to the hospital.

Before retiring last September, Mrs Savage from Whittington, spent 18 years working as the patient and staff librarian, in addition to chairing the hospital’s voluntary service committee for 10 years. Throughout both her roles, she provided excellent leadership to the voluntary sector at the hospital and gained the respect of both hospital management and the other volunteers.

Mrs Savage, 75, commented: “I was humbled and overwhelmed to be nominated to attend the Royal Garden Party by the hospital. My birthday is the same day as the Queen Mothers so I have always had an interest in the Royal family and although I visited Buckingham Palace a few years ago with my grandchildren it was wonderful to go there as a guest.

“The party was on a very grand scale, with large marquees, bands playing music and the most wonderful tea. There were savouries, scones and strawberries and cakes - I had one with a gold crown on! The Queen was there for about two hours, with the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. She was very gracious and certainly didn’t look 80 years old!”

Mrs Savage added: “Something like this only happens once in a lifetime, and it was particularly special as I shared the event with my sister, Margaret, who attended the party as my guest. It was a perfect day which went way beyond my expectations and I hope that I represented the many people who carry out voluntary work at the orthopaedic hospital.”

Chairman of the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt orthopaedic hospital, David Sear said: “Everyone at the hospital is delighted that Frances had a fantastic day. She is greatly missed by everyone at the hospital, however, she carries on her work in the community where she is equally respected. We are proud to have nominated her and that we were able to give something back to a person who has given so much to the hospital.”


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