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Monday, March 19, 2007
Students to cash in on 'green' initiative

Graduates and students are being offered 'instant' cash in return for their unwanted academic books.

Sell Student Books.com, the new Web site that enables students and graduates to buy and sell used text books, launched Books for Cash after a recent survey from UNITE revealed student debt has soared nine per cent in the last year.

Books for Cash will help students to reduce their debt by offering them the chance to generate extra cash by selling their unwanted books directly to the Web site by calling 0905 053 3122, rather than putting their books up for sale online as usual.

The new service means students can make money quickly by accepting the offer made by the company, who will pay out immediately via BACS once the books are received.

"Students are always on the look out for ways to make money quickly but many don't realise that there is value in books that they no longer use," said Sell Student Books.com founder, Mark Fraser.

"This 'green' scheme is an easy way for them to make cash fast, with the added benefit of helping the environment by reducing demand for new books to be printed."

Sell Student Books.com has a database of 700,000 books covering every college and university course in the UK.


Notes to editors
Sell Student Books.com the first commercial Web site linked to innovative mobile phone ISBN search technology to specialise in giving past and present students the opportunity to buy and sell used academic books, www.sellstudentbooks.com.

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