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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Sell Student Books.com offer free books to STA gap year travellers

Over the next six weeks, all students booking gap year holidays with leading student and youth travel company STA Travel will be offered a free best seller from Sell Student Books.com.


Sell Student Books.com, launched earlier this year, helps to tackle the problem of rising student debt by enabling students and graduates to buy or sell unwanted academic books online.


The company’s founder, Mark Fraser, approached STA Travel with a vision of uniting two common aspects of student life; education and travel.


“It is important to help students fulfil both their academic and travel ambitions regardless of their financial circumstances,” said Fraser.


“By working with STA Travel we will raise awareness of Sell Student Books.com and show students that there is a value in the books they no longer use.”


“The savings they make could help fund a well deserved holiday or gap year expedition, proving that there are ways to overcome the financial barriers to higher education, with the added benefit of helping the environment by reducing the demand for new books to be printed.”


Fraser continued: “Graduates are now leaving university with an average debt of £13,252.


“Our aim is to show students that there is a value in the books that they no longer use. Making them aware of this may help towards alleviating the financial burdens of higher education.”




Notes to editors:

About Sell Student Books.com

Sell Student Books.com is the first commercial Web site linked to innovative mobile phone ISBN search technology to specialise in giving past and present students the opportunity to buy and sell used academic books. http://www.sellstudentbooks.com



About STA Travel

STA Travel has over 25 years experience in student, budget and independent travel. It offers a unique range of flights, accommodation, adventures and expeditions in 90 countries. It sends over six million passengers away each year and now has over 400 branches worldwide. The company has just been voted a UK CoolBrand 2006 for innovation, style and desirability.



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